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(1) There are 3 municipal authorities that have a record of my arrest. Only the Chicago Police and the IL State Police physically destroy all arrest records. The Clerk’s Office removes the arrest from their internal database (CASE INFORMATION IS REMOVED FROM PUBLIC ACCESS COMPUTERS).

This Expungement document states: (FILE IS IMPOUNDED AND ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH A COURT ORDER). This applies no matter if my record is Expunged and or Sealed. This physical sealed copy is not destroyed, even though I never committed any crime or violated any laws. I was wrongfully arrested, wrongfully indicted and maliciously prosecuted. The fact that the Clerk’s Office maintains a physical copy of my arrest that can be unsealed at anytime with a Court Order is a perversion of the law and unconstitutional.

My Jury Verdict authenticated that Detective Edwin Fizer, III never had Probable Cause to Arrest me or commence with Criminal Proceedings. This is a matter of Fact and Record. This also means I will always be "GUILTY" in the eyes of anyone successful in getting a Court Order to unseal my record. This is a significant mechanism that keeps "MODERN DAY SLAVERY"  perpetuated in the USA.

(2) Even after my Jury Verdict and the CBS interview of Dorothy Brown (Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court). Mrs. Dorothy Brown, the County Clerk stated in the interview (CBS News), that my Expungement "Should have been Simple", but for a second time, the Cook County State’s Attorney Objected to my Petition Oct 30, 2012 at the hearing and previously on Nov 20, 2008.

(3) I have sacrificed over $80,000 in legal and case Defense. I have had to liquidate all of my civilian, military 401k, retirement and savings to fight the City of Chicago and the Cook County State’s Attorney. Needless to say, this has taken a great toll on my family. My current appeal will end up costing an additional $50,000.

(4) The transcripts from the Civil Trial for my appeal to the Appellate Court cost me $17,389.40. My wife and children have suffered great emotional damage that will never be healed. My reputation, military and civilian career as a Family Practice Physician Assistant is still tarnished and held in question.

(5) In June of 2008, the Chicago Police Department, the City of Chicago and the Cook County State’s Attorney were all seeking to pursue Criminal charges: (2 Counts of Aggravated Battery/Assault of a Senior Citizen, 2 Counts of Unlawful Restraint, 2 Counts Criminal Abuse, Neglect of Life Endangerment). All four charges carried a minimum sentence of 7 years and a maximum of 28 or more years in a Federal Prison.

(6) I have had suffered over $350,000 in lost wages and due to the Cook County State’s Attorney actively blocking my Petition to Expunge and Seal both in June of 2009 and October of 2012.

(7) A restraining order was filed against me due to this wrongful arrest, steaming from false allegations on June 28, 2008.

I ask you, is the public at large safer due to my wrongful arrest? Were your tax dollars well spent by the city of Chicago to defend Detective Edwin Fizer for his reckless disregard for truth and factual evidence in my case?

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