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This is not an official Army website and the Army  and Army Reserves does not endorse what is being said or depicted.
My mission is to expose White Supremacy, Racism , the grave injustices and unconstitutional crimes that occur everyday at the hands of corrupt Leaders, Police, City Board Members, Mayor and city Civil Authorities. Black Americans and minorities regularly and disproportionately experience the devastating consequences of being wrongfully arrested, profiled, incarcerated and sentenced by the criminal justice system. I am a 27 year Army Officer and Operation Enduring/Iraqi/Freedom and New Dawn Campaign Veteran (Deployed April 2010-May 2011). On June 28th, 2008 my Forth and Eighth Amendment Rights were unconstitutionally violated. I was wrongfully arrested for a crime I did not commit and endured over 20 hours of Police torture while in custody. From June 28th to June 29th of 2008 while being held at; The Chicago Police Department, Special Victims Unit (SVU), 737 East 111th Street, 2nd Floor, Branch 35 Circuit Court of Cook County (In the custody of Detective Edwin Fizer III, I was): 1) Denied water and restroom privileges for over 8 hours. 2) Handcuffed to a ring on a wall for over 8 hours. 3) Denied any food for over 19 ½ hours. 4) Questioned by a Detective without the presence of my Attorney. 5) Maliciously prosecuted my case without probable cause (and did so). Hundreds of innocent Black men are targeted by the Chicago Police Department and have never received their day in court. I was willing to sacrifice my life protecting this nation as an Army Soldier and I equally echo that sentiment in the movement for Universal Justice and Combating Police Brutality, Misconduct and Legalized Murder against citizens. Please join me in exposing the corruption running rampant in the Cook County State’s Attorney Office, Chicago Police Department, City of Chicago Law Department and the Mayors Office. Unity is everything, but division will perpetuate these criminal acts and corruption. Stand with me, MAJOR Christopher Bonds, God, Country and Family in this initiative to demand Justice and Accountability from the City of Chicago. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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